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Independent Battery

Testing Laboratory


JBI has experience with many types of teardowns. Failure Mode Analysis (FMA), Design Comparison, Lead Weight Determination, and Warranty Return Analysis are commonly performed. Results are documented and photographed using JBI or client’s method. Client personnel are welcome to attend teardowns and observe. 

Failure Mode Analysis - Independent Battery Testing Laboratory, JBI Corporation can disassemble all sizes of lead acid batteries and examine for the cause of failure 

Design Comparison - JBI will disassemble the lead acid battery 
to measure placements and measure and weight designated components

Lead Weight Determination - Complete disassembly of the lead acid battery to determine the weight of the lead in the battery and weight of the other components 

Warranty Return Analysis - Examine, Charge and Test warranty return batteries to determine if the battery is discharged only and serviceable or 
needs to be torn down for Failure Mode Analysis 

Other Test Services that JBI Corporation can provide include: 

  • Core Bin Analysis (Junk Bin Study) 

  • Lead metal analysis 

  • Electrolyte analysis

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