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Independent Battery

Testing Laboratory


An Independent Battery Testing Laboratory, JBI Corporation specializes in the electrical and physical testing of lead acid batteries and cells. JBI has been in the battery testing business for over 35 years and has the experience, knowledge and equipment required to accurately answer your questions, recommend test procedures, and perform the required testing. JBI can test to all common standards such as:

  • BCI

  • SAE

  • JIS, IEC

  • EN, VDA

  • IEEE and

  • many uncommon standards too   


JBI clients consist of battery manufacturers, OE manufacturers, distributors, retailers, phone and cable companies, stand-by power manufacturers, and others. Clients around the globe use JBI Corporation battery testing services.       


JBI’s location near Toledo, Ohio gives easy access to all transportation methods: land, air, and sea. JBI is familiar with importation requirements and has a freight forwarder to provide required services.      


JBI Corporation values its accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025 Standards. Our Certificate of Acceditation and our Scope of Accreditation are available by clicking here.

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