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Independent Battery

Testing Laboratory


John Badger founded JBI Corporation, an indepenent battery testing laboratory, in 1982.  Prior to that, John Badger, was involved in battery research and development engineering from 1953 to 1996. From 1968 on, his focus was maintenance-free and VRLA AGM lead acid batteries. Mr. Badger was vice president of engineering and research for the Prestolite Battery Company when Prestolite introduced the first automotive MF batteries for the replacement market in 1970. John was also instrumental in solving the unique problems associated with the manufacture of batteries with nonantimony grids. In the same capacity he was also responsible for the development of the MF batteries used by vehicle manufacturers including Ford, International Harvester, and others. 

John founded JBI in July 1982. His original focus was to work with battery manufacturers and battery material suppliers on research and development projects. One of his developments was a controlled absorptivity separator material for the manufacture of AGM-valve regulated lead acid batteries. 

From 1991 to 1996, John and his son, Joe Badger, expanded JBI's services to include VRLA AGM technology offerings, VRLA plant design, and battery-making equipment manufacture. This technology, service, and equipment were provided to the Asian market during a period of rapid expansion. During this time,  JBI grew from a "garage" testing facility into a specially constructed laboratory facility sharing space with the machine design and build operation.

Independent Battery Testing Lab, JBI Corporation continued to flourish.  In 1991, John's son Joe Badger started and has been the President of JBI Corporation since 1996. He has been in the battery industry for over 28 years, and is a member of the Battery Council International and the Society of Automotive Engineers, serving on technical committees for both organizations.

Under his direction, JBI has provided the design of products, preparation of complete specifications, plant layout, provision of manufacturing equipment, equipment installation, employee training, and supervision of trial production to acceptance of VRLA batteries in sizes from 6 volt 2 ampere hours to 2 volt 500 ampere hours.

Joe also headed the engineering team that developed several pieces of equipment that are designed especially for the manufacture of VRLA batteries. This equipment includes Grid Aging Chambers, Plate Curing Chambers (Hydroset), Vacuum Volumetric Acid Fillers, and others. After development and field testing, this equipment is now marketed and produced by the MAC Engineering and Equipment Company.

Joe expanded JBI's testing services during the mid-90s to meet the growing need of his customers. During this period, the laboratory expanded from a 1,000 sq. ft. facility with one technician to a 7,500 sq. ft. facility with four technicians. Under his leadership, JBI received accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025 - General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories in 2000, and has maintained this accreditation.

Joe is committed to maintaining JBI Corporation's position as the leader in Lead Acid Battery Testing through customer service, honesty, and confidentiality. He strives to develop long-term relationships with his customers by providing reliable accurate data.


Adam Badger has been​ testing batteries for over 20 years. He joined the family business at an early age, learning and developing his knowledge of battery testing. He organizes and performs capacity testing, high rate testing, and various types of teardowns and failure mode analysis. Adam also manages the weekly cycle life testing. The report formats used for failure mode analysis and teardowns were designed by Adam and he maintains and updates these formats as required by changes in battery designs.

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