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Independent Battery

Testing Laboratory


Independent Battery Testing Laboratory, JBI Corporation can perform many of the common lead acid battery vibration tests for automotive and heavy duty applications.   

JBI has three LAB vibration machines and one Detroit Ordinance vibration machine. These machines are set up using a calibrated accelerometer and digital vibration monitor system along with a digital stroboscope for frequency measurement.  

Vibration testing is conducted in a climate-controlled room, separate from the main laboratory room and monitored in the laboratory office using a live video feed.   

Examples of this type of testing are: 

  • SAE J3060 Vibration (Formerly contained in J537 and J930)

  • SAE J930 3.5 g level I and 5 g levels II & III

  • JIS D5301 Vibration Resistance Test

  • JIS D5302 Resistance to Vibration

  • EN50342 Vibration Resistance Test and vibration tests on many other published lead acid test specifications

    We can also provide various OEM Vibration Testing, DOT/IATA Nonspillable Testing, GMW3092 Vibration Testing, and others. Please contact JBI with specific inquiries.

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