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Independent Battery

Testing Laboratory


JBI can perform Capacity Discharge Testing using constant current, constant power, constant resistance, and/or constant voltage. JBI Corporation has over 350 programmable charge/discharge testing circuits. 


In the 0-18 volt range, Discharges up to 2000 amperes can be performed at temperatures from -40°C to 80°C.     


Test Temperatures from -40°C to 80°C are obtained using waterbaths, ovens, or environmental chambers with calibrated controls.     


Capacity discharge testing and recharging with a range of 0-75 volts and 0-500 amperes is also available.      

Examples of this type of
testing are: 


  • SAE J537,  Reserve Capacity and Cold Cranking 

  • JIS D5301 5 hour, 20 hour Capacity, and High Rate Discharge Characteristics

  • JIS D5302 10 hour Capacity,
    and High Rate Discharge Characteristics


  • EN50342 20 hour Capacity Test
    and Cranking Performance Tests

Also included are various Charge Acceptance tests, Discharge Characterization Tests, and 1/2 CCA State of Health Tests.

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